When I started this journey I had decided to go in to it with no expectations.  Alright, clearly there are some expectations of weight loss and to alleviate some prior medical issues.  Looking beyond that I did not want to set pounds or sizes into my everyday life. Waking up I wanted my everyday to be a day that I could put one foot in front of the other and push myself further than the day before. I made a decision not to weigh in everyday, not to measure my body everyday, not to ask my family “do I look skinnier” everyday and not to live my life the same way that I have in the past.  I came up with the plan of long-term goals both physical and mental that I would be able to work on one day at a time. 

     The initial thought of adding weight loss surgery to my pretty big list of medical conditions overwhelmed me.  I knew I had to come up with a plan that I could stay on course with.  That’s when I decided to let my body and mind tell me if I am getting healthier not a scale or measuring tape. Of course there are the moments you need to weigh in and measure and those are to be celebrated. So I have my milestones, things I can work on daily to reach eventually!  Riding rollercoasters with my kids, being able to watch a musical or play and fit comfortable in the seat, workout 2 hours straight, hit a loss of 100 lbs, leave “plus size” behind me and be smaller than I was at my wedding. 

     I am pleased to say that the rollercoasters at the Mall of America are great.  Watching the Nutcracker ballet was excellent especially since I didn’t have the sardine in a can feeling through the whole thing.  I can hit a pretty intense workout for 2 hours, as long as I get a hot tub at the end. I hit my 100 lbs  loss on the nose at my 5 month weigh in. I am now only 11 lbs away from the weight I was at my wedding and one size away from my wedding dress.  Plus size is only two sizes away from being out of my life.

     I can’t be happier with the person I am discovering that was hiding under all those 100 lbs. There are always going to be curve balls thrown and temptations everywhere.  The changes and growth both external and internal through this journey is something no one could have prepared me for.  I have the courage to be the real me and look forward to adding more milestones and growth to my future.

One step, one day, one journey…..take the time to breathe!

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