It’s time………..again!

It seems it was said to me over 30 times, ” after your surgery it is going to take all your energy and time just to fit in your meal plan”.  Every time it was said to me I thought,  3 protein shakes and 6 glasses of water, that’ll be easy enough. I bought my filtered water, all my protein shake mixes and froze my pureed delights. I had it covered.  Well boy I was wrong!

I came home from the hospital with everything pre-made and all scheduled out. A list of all activities and schedules for everyone in the house was graphed out. I then coordinated that information with a time sheet of what item and what time I would consume my shake, pureed food and water. I knew how determined, organized and stubborn I could be, so I was very optimistic. Of course now I just sound a bit “too prepared”.

Day one after coming home I was very sleepy still so I napped on and off and there for didn’t get much in. Day two I started my schedule. First, protein shake #1 with vitamins and calcium. That took about an hour to get down 4 oz. of fluid. I began to realize very quickly my schedule for that day may not work. By the end of that day I got two shakes down, and 10 oz. of water. Not the goal I was hoping to achieve.

By the time I reached the end of week one my time schedule papers became my coaster for my shaker and water cups. There was no way of scheduling or even knowing what amount was going in daily. I had finally gotten two shakes and about 22 oz. of water down. I was left with a goal that seemed unreachable and a hurt ego………nevertheless still optimistic.

It caused me to think back and remember throwing back a 20 oz. coke in just a sitting or a half a pot of coffee by myself with complete ease. Those days were behind me and I needed to find my new balance. I found that If I made my protein shakes with 24 g of protein but only 3 oz. of fluid I could get three in easy enough. I then carried a water bottle everywhere and kept them in lunch coolers in the car, bedroom and living room. I was able to sip all day and reach my protein goal. It also helped if everything was ice cold. I have to admit it took me 18 hours a day just to make that work but I did it and they all were right, I didn’t have time for anything except my meal planning.

It was time for my two week check up. I was so excited about my triumph over the duel of me vs. fluids. I walked in to the doctors office and explained how I didn’t do great but was getting better everyday and I figured out my formula to make it work. They then all told me that all was normal and not to worry, so that made me feel better. Plus I had completely forgotten I needed stitches out, check my incisions and weigh in. I almost hit the roof when they said your down 22 lbs.  After they announced my weight loss I again confirmed that I had made the right decision for me. All the hours of the day and all the time management was well worth a healthier life.

Everyday is a step further down the path of my journey.

3 thoughts on “It’s time………..again!

  1. The honesty and humor in the sharing of your journey with us is refreshing and appreciated. The part about the papers acting as a coaster …… that made me laugh out loud. I’m undecided as to which is or was more brave of you: all the preparation and the actual surgery or the complete openness in sharing your thoughts, feelings, and deepest & most private part of your life for all of us to read. As the saying goes-“bravery is being afraid but doing it anyway”. Your family and friends are truly blessed to have you in their lives! I look forward to reading your next blog. Take care and I wish you continued success.

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