The Surgery Preparations

It was almost time, the weeks were going by and turning into days before my WLS (weight loss surgery). Being the person I am I made a list of things to get done prior to the surgery. I did the usual preparations, deep clean floors, dust everything, prepare meals for the family and do every little bit of laundry I could find. I had bought my ice cube trays and made some pureed meals and froze them for myself. I even made sure to get note pads and pens for journaling. After glancing at my notebook I saw I had done all of the items on my list. Why do I feel like I’m missing something, I thought to myself.  Perhaps I had not thought of something for school or a birthday party I was forgetting about. It then occurred to me that maybe I was missing some mental/emotional items I needed to still get done. I knew this life changing surgery wasn’t going to just be my journey, after all it’s right there in “My Great Reason”…..healthy for myself and my family and to be a role model to all.  I needed to sit down with my family and make sure they were as comfortable with this decision as I was. We also needed to make sure all their questions were answered.

My husband and I had been very honest with our three children about the whole process. We explained there would be ups and downs and it will take strength and time to make all the changes in the house. They understood that I will be the only one going through a surgery but we are all changing together for the better. We then wrote down three goals we would like to achieve in one years time and sealed them in a box to be opened July 30th, 2014. It was the best thing we could have done to turn this surgery, which had everyone nervous and worried, into a family bonding experience. Leading up to this day I had felt like I was having surgery, I soon realized we were a team having surgery. That night before my surgery I had slept better than any night that month.

The alarm went off the next morning and I woke with such happiness and anxiousness.  I could hardly contain myself the ten minute ride to the hospital. I felt very prepared and aware of the procedure. The bariatric team at Ministry Medical Group did a great job giving me the knowledge of everything I was going to experience in the hospital, so I felt confident that I would do just fine.  The nurse had taken me back  to the pre-op room. In that moment a calmness set in. I was finally going to have the gastric bypass surgery after 7 1/2 months of preparations.  The woman on the outside was about to be one step closer to meeting the woman on the inside and I could feel whole once again.

I was ready! I was calm! I was strong!

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